Do It Yourself Installation

When you are considering the purchase of artificial turf (commonly known as Astro Turf) for your property, you may want to take into consideration the installation. Morningstar offers the options of professional installation or do it yourself. At first glance the task may seem daunting, but by following the correct steps, many homeowners find installing artificial turf a manageable and simple choice.

Initially, measure exactly the space you wish to cover. The artificial turf itself has drainage holes built in so you will not need to worry about it holding water. In your chosen land, dig out all grass and weeds, leaving the ground clean. On this, spread a layer of finely crushed stones or stone aggregate about two inches deep. Use a rake to smooth the stone and compact, so the area is flat and even.

Next, roll out the turf, being sure that the fibers in multiple pieces are going the same direction. In each roll, trim back three stitches from the edge of the artificial turf. Lay each piece about 3/8 inch apart. To secure the seams, pull back the artificial turf to expose over a foot of stone and lay the seam tape, apply adhesive, and replace the turf. Press down each section, making a straight and even seam.

Last, you will pull your new turf tight and flat, evening out any wrinkles. Using 6 inch landscaping nails, secure the turf every 2 feet around the edge. Pour infill or sand over the entire area, spreading it with a stiff broom. This holds it in place, gives traction, and ensures proper drainage.

If you plan to install your artificial turf on cement or asphalt, simple sweep the area clean and following the same steps. You will secure the edges with glue specially designed for your purposes, being sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Complete the project with an even layer of sand as explained above.

By taking a few careful steps, you will find that you can install your new astro turf yourself.

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