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Artificial Grass - Lawn & Landscape Turf

Artificial Grass - Lawn & Landscape Turf

Our Artificial Grass - Lawn & Landscape Turf will be the best looking, longest lasting alternative to natural grass for your residential or commercial space. You will even save money with our custom artificial turf blends, because synthetic grass is less expensive than real sod. Your neighbors will be amazed at how great your lawn looks, with little or no maintenance. We can match the grass you need, depending on your proximity along with designing the area and installing the synthetic turf at a great price. Morningstar Turf also carries the best artificial turf warranty in the industry.



Backyard Putting Green Turf & Artificial Turf for Golf Areas

Backyard Putting Green Turf & Artificial Turf for Golf Areas

Morningstar Turf's Synthetic Backyard putting greens and Golf Turf will add intrigue to your property as well as a phenomenal golf practice area. We can custom design the practice area of your dreams, add a putt-putt course for the kids, or give your commercial property the unique feature you and your clients deserve. All of our backyard putting greens are custom designed and installed by a team of golfers with years of custom putting green and golf turf design experience.


Synthetic Grass – Turf Sport Fields

Synthetic Grass for Athletics - Artificial Sport Field

Synthetic grass sport fields are taking over the entire professional and amateur sporting community. These synthetic turf fields are cheaper, safer and better looking than any natural grass stadium. Our artificial sport field is not limited to use on Football Fields, Soccer Fields, and Baseball Fields, in fact we manufacture and install bocce ball courts, tennis courts, Golf Driving Ranges, training facilities, paintball surfaces, ski jumps, and more. Along with your choice of artificial turf we can also custom design logos for your sports team and wehave every color of artificial grass you can think of.

Kid-Friendly Synthetic Playground Turf

Kid-Friendly Synthetic Playground Turf

Playground turf is the safest surface you can provide for your kids. We have an assortment of synthetic turfs depending on your playground's needs. We have economical artificial grass solutions for planning a new playground in a daycare or installing the safest, allergy free area for your kids to play in the backyard. Our artificial turf products come in different colors that can simulate water features, synthetic sandy beaches, or if you just want a purple backyard, we can design the right turf for you and install it with the best warranty program in the artificial grass industry.


Artificial Grass for Pets – Dog Turf

Artificial Grass for Pets - Dog Turf

Does Fluffy or Fiddo keep destroying the grass in your yard or kennel?Morningstar turf has the affordable artificial grass solution for protecting the yard from your dogs or other pets. We can design and install specially designed synthetic pet grass will provide an actual green yard for your pets. The materials in our synthetic pet turf have been through years of R & D to provide you the absolute best and safest environment for your pets.

* Price Match guarantee is based on similar products with similar warranties.
*Delivery times vary from 7-45 days depending on location
* All sales are final on all discounted materials.
* 30% restocking fee on all returned orders.

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